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At Empowered Immigrant Women Unite!, we strive to provide the tools and resources necessary for immigrant women to move out of poverty and become more self-reliant. Through our programs and services, we are dedicated to providing education, employment, and healthcare resources to immigrant women living in Lewiston-Auburn. To make women's voices heard, overcome gender barriers to career success, support their leadership in the community, promote their ideas for bringing about racial and gender inequality, and develop and manage their platform for change. 

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Whether you're an immigrant woman looking to find your footing, a volunteer eager to make a difference, or a donor who shares our vision, we welcome you to join us in this empowering journey. Together, we can make a significant impact in the lives of these incredible women and our community as a whole.

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 As a society, we need to work towards providing resources and support for those experiencing homelessness, including women, to help them get back on their feet and regain stability in their lives.

Looking to improve your language skills or embrace wellness?

Look no further than our wide range of classes! From basic grammar to advanced composition, our English classes are designed to improve fluency and communication skills. Dive into the world of French language and culture with our classes ranging from beginner basics to advanced conversational skills. Our Yoga classes promote physical health and mental tranquility, catering to both beginners and experienced yogis. And now, we're excited to introduce our new literacy classes, tailored for various levels and dedicated to enhancing reading and writing skills.

Join us today and empower yourself with essential literacy tools!

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